Lite Facebook…..

What is facebook? I think no one in this world do not know about it. Oya, If we talk about facebook we will talk about a website social networking like Friendster, right? I will guess that the answer is yes. Do you know ? Why I talk like it?

Facebook is so famous social networking in this year….

Do you know that facebook launch lite version of their own website, it called lite facebook . You can see the screenshoot of lite facebook login below :

You can see the screenshoot?? I thinks you can see that. Why they lauch this version? According news that I had heard, this version for country that have slow internet connection, accord with picture that looks in login “air ballon”. Why they choose it? because they hope this version can airly like air ballon so can access by people in country that have slow internet connection.

You can try this version here lite facebook. I hope you can find satisfactin about this version.

2 thoughts on “Lite Facebook…..

  1. hawaii tran says:

    best information for me

  2. hawaii tran says:

    i like very much this page

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